How to Add Partners to Your Project

Whether small or large, your whole team can have access to your project on TerraMatch. Any team members who will need to add to your project profile, sites, or nurseries, or who will help with writing reports should be added as monitoring partners. Review the steps below to learn how to add individuals to your projects.

1. Use the header navigation to find the "My Projects" page.

my projects - en.PNG

2. Tap on "View Project" to access your Project Dashboard. view project-my projects en.png

3. Tap on the "Details" tab and view the Monitoring Partners box. There, you'll see any individuals who have already been added to your project. details tab_en.PNG

4. Invite monitoring partners one at a time by tapping the "Invite" button, entering an email address, and tapping "Invite monitoring partner."

invite mp en.png

invite modal en.PNG

  • Anyone who already has an account on TerraMatch will automatically be added to your project as a monitoring partner. They will receive a notification via email, and when they log in to TerraMatch, they will see the project and its associated reporting tasks on the "My Projects" page.
  • Anyone who does not have an account on TerraMatch will receive an email invitation to join the platform; once they create an account, they will be added to your project as a monitoring partner.
    • If you see the "Invite sent" status on a monitoring partner, it means they have not yet joined TerraMatch; once they join, that interim status will disappear.
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