How to Prepare & Submit Your Reports on TerraMatch

All projects on TerraMatch must submit reports to share their progress. Below, we outline how to access and fill out your reports. After reviewing this article, if you have any questions about this process, please reach out to our team via WhatsApp or at

1. Log in to tm sign in_en.PNG2. Review report-related updates on the homepage

terramatch report due.png

    • You will see and can access any due reports (they wil have a status of “Due” highlighted in yellow)
    • You can review any reports for which project managers have requested more information. They will have a status of “More Info Requested” highlighted in yellow.
    • You can review any submitted reports awaiting feedback from your project manager. They will have a status of “Awaiting Review” highlighted in blue.
    • You will see any approved reports, with a status of “Approved,” highlighted in green.

3. Tap on the report you wish to submit

You will reach the reporting tasks page with your mandatory project report and a list of “Additional Reports” for the site profiles and/or nursery profiles you’ve established on TerraMatch as part of your project.

  • If you are required to fill out a project report, start by tapping on “Write Report.” 

reporting tasks - en.PNG

Reporting Tasks page

  • For each site and nursery site, please make sure to either fill out a report or select “Nothing to Report.”
    • You are required to report on any sites or nurseries where project work or major disturbances occurred in the last reporting period. If there is nothing to report at a given site or nursery, you can select “Nothing to Report.”
    • Your project manager reserves the right to ask you to fill out a site or nursery report.
  • If you need to exit a reporting form, the system will save your progress. You can access your draft and submit it at a later time by following the same steps and tapping “Continue Report.” Below, you can review the different statuses associated with reports.

additional report statuses - en.PNG

Report statuses

4.  Fill out your reports

  • At the start of each reporting form, you can access a checklist, summarizing all the information you’ll need to fill out that report. We recommend that you review the checklist and prepare your materials ahead of time, so that you can complete and submit each report in one session.
    • However, if you need to exit the reporting form, TerraMatch will save your progress, and you can access your draft to complete and submit it at a later time.
  • Reports should be comprehensive, and describe in detail any activities that took place during the reporting period.
    • If you would like advice on what content to include in your reports, consult your project manager.

5. Submit your reports

  • Once you have completed a report and thoroughly reviewed the information, tap “Submit” at the end.
    • Once a report is submitted, you will see a confirmation message, and the status on the report page will change from “Draft” to “Awaiting Approval” until your project manager either requests more information or approves the report.
    • Your report will be closed for editing upon submission. If you need to edit it before your project manager reviews it, please reach out to your project manager and CC, and we can work with you to reopen the report, as needed.     
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