TerraFund Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) Workshop Presentations

TerraFund for AFR100 Landscapes


Overall objectives for the MRV workshops which take place in the landscapes:

  • Reinforce champions’ understanding of MRV and its multiple purposes, as well as the indicators, data collection methods, and quality assurance processes.
  • Prepare champions to create site and nursery profiles on TerraMatch by June 1, 2024.
  • Prepare champions to submit their first project, site, nursery, and financial reports by July 31, 2024.
  • Teach champions how to create geospatial data, practically, using the Flority app.
  • Explain the tree and jobs verification process and prepare champions for site visits.


Workshop Agenda&Presentations


The MRV Presentations are Linked in Blue Below:

Remarks from World Resources Institute 

What is Monitoring, Reporting&Verification- Joan Kimaiyo&Dow Martin

Top 100 Partner Showcase: Data Collection Lessons

Creating & Grouping Nurseries on TerraMatch-Jubril Juma and Eunice Dushime, TerraFund 

Polygon Collection Strategies & Site Creation on TerraMatch- Kevin Nfor, Darby Levin and Jubril Juma, TerraFund

1:1 Office Hours: Site, Polygon & Nursery Data Collection Strategies

Learning Recap & Closing Remarks



Introduction & Welcome to the Workshop

Polygons: What we’ve learned-Darby Levin and Ella Dogson, TerraFund

Using our Platforms: TerraMatch, Flority, Greenhouse- Jubril Juma, Product Manager, TerraFund

Collecting Geospatial Data with Flority & Greenhouse-Kevin Nfor, GIS Associate, TerraFund

Small Groups: Polygon Practice with Flority-All champions

Small Groups: Greenhouse Practice-All champions

Sharing Lessons:

  • Presentation of results from each small group  
  • Noting challenges faced and action items (user research) 

Closing Remarks & Adjournment

Social Hour for Networking - Alps Hotel, Nakuru, Kenya



Welcome and Registration-All champions

Introduction to Reporting, What Information Needs to be Submitted in Reports-Joan Kimaiyo and Tamara Coger, TerraFund

Financial Reporting- Thacien Munyamahame&Amanda Obuobi Amoako, TerraFund

Submitting Reports on TerraMatch-Eunice Dushime and Jubril Juma, TerraFund
Verification: Trees, Jobs & Site Visits-John Ngahu and Ella Dogson, TerraFund

World Café: Small Group Reporting Discussions-All champions&TerraFund Team

Concluding Remarks & Thanks - TerraFund Representative 

Every champion was given the chance to connect with members of the TerraFund team individually during the face-to-face workshop, receiving tailored support throughout. In this intimate environment, they could ask questions and offer further insights. The champions were also offered one-on-one sessions with the TerraFund team, particularly focusing on mastering the Flority app and utilizing Greenhouse as well as getting any support with regards to their project. TerraFund's implementing partners emphasized the importance of MRV in landscape restoration efforts. Gratitude was extended to the restoration champions for their present and ongoing dedication and contributions for restoring their degraded landscapes.

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