Land Accelerator Selection Process

How does the Land Accelerator Selection Committee evaluate applications?

Land Accelerator aims to select businesses based on economic, environmental and social dimensions. Businesses are first evaluated with the five factors outlined below to evaluate its fit for purpose within the Land Accelerator target of land restoration entrepreneurs.

In addition, the Land Accelerator acknowledges that gender & social gaps cost economies ideas, innovation and jobs.  As an effort to address under-representation and the persistent challenges faced by female and youth entrepreneurs, Land Accelerator looks to select businesses that are owned by at least 50% youth and/or female founders, and that offer high social impacts. For the continental program, Land Accelerator also accounts for geographic representation, ensuring fair access to underserved regions and countries. 

What will the Selection Committee look at? 

Each application is reviewed by at least two members of the selection committee. Reviewers read all answers before evaluating the application according to our standard selection criteria. Reviewers look for questions to be answered completely and accurately.

The five factors below are identified in each business’s model. These criteria are used to evaluate the fit of a business within the Land Accelerator target of land restoration entrepreneurs.

The committee will also look at photos submitted, looking to see images that match descriptions of the business provided in application responses. Companies should submit at least three images, each showing a different aspect of the business. 

How many companies will be selected? 

For the Land Accelerator Africa, 100 companies will be selected. 

For the Land Accelerator Landscapes, a total of 260 companies will be selected across the three landscapes. 

Who is on the selection committee?

The committee is comprised of professionals from WRI, Barka, Fledge, and AUDA-NEPAD, as well as representatives from local partners for the Landscapes program. Each committee member has specialized in land restoration business development for over 3 years in a variety of roles including mentors, teachers, investors, and organizers.

How will selection to the Land Accelerator Landscapes occur?

Companies operating in the key landscapes will automatically be considered for acceptance to one of the Land Accelerator Landscapes programs, no separate application is needed. Within each of the three landscapes, separate training programs will be offered based on company stage. The selection committee will consider application information to determine placement in the early or growth stage program.

All applications submitted will also be considered by the selection committee for acceptance to the Land Accelerator Africa. Selection into the Land Accelerator Africa and the Land Accelerator Landscapes will occur separately. Acceptance to either program does not ensure or exclude acceptance to the other.


Learn more about the Land Accelerator application here. 

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