How to Submit Your Full Harit Bharat Fund Application on TerraMatch

The process for submitting a full application to Harit Bharat Fund is similar to the process you followed for completing your expression of interest on TerraMatch. All complete applications must be submitted on the platform by 30 November to be considered for funding.

Follow the steps below to begin your full application on TerraMatch and reach out to the support team at if you have questions related to your application. 

  1. Understand Requirements & Gather Information 
  2. Log in to TerraMatch
  3. Click on Your Application Button
  4. Read Your Feedback
  5. Start Full Application
  6. Save and Continue to Populate Your Application
  7. Submit by 30 November
  8. Provide Additional Information (If Necessary)

Understand Requirements & Gather Information 

Before you login into TerraMatch and begin your application, please review the questions that will be asked in the full application.

For this application, we will ask for more information about your organization, its past work, and your proposed project. 

In the coming weeks, we will host a webinar and office hours to address your questions about how to submit your full application. You have received an email invitation for these events. Please do not share the webinar invitation with anyone outside of your organization. These events are only for applicants who have been invited to the second stage of the application process. If you are not able to attend, we will make the recording and resources available after the call.

We outline all the questions asked during the full application here for NGOs and here for enterprises and outlined the support options in this article.

Log in to TerraMatch

To access the full application, you must be logged into the TerraMatch platform. You can login directly here or click "Sign-in" on the navigation bar on

Click on Your Application Button

If your application has been accepted you will see a green button in the Applications column on the TerraMatch homepage. Click on the button to access your application landing page

Screenshot 2023-10-27 175626.png

Read Your Feedback

When you click on the button, you will pull up your application landing page. You will see your reviewer's feedback in the top section of the page. You can also review and download your original application on this page.

Please read the feedback on the top of the page, which you will find in top section of the page. We expect all applicants to revise the content that they provided in the expression of interest when filling out your full application. If you do not incorporate our suggestions, it will decrease the likelihood that you will be considered for funding.

Screenshot 2023-10-27 175913.png

Start Full Application

Once you have read the questions and guidance and understood the reviewing team's feedback, you can click the blue button to begin your full application. The button will take you to the application flow. You will be asked to select a "pitch" to associate with your application. Please use the same pitch you received feedback when submitting your full application.

Save and Continue to Populate the Application

Once you begin your application, you can save and continue at any point. Just click the save option at the bottom of each form. To resume, click on the gray-colored button in the home page's Application column. If you have a lot of draft applications from the previous round, you can request TerraMatch support to remove the old draft to reduce the clutter on your dashboard.

Submit by 30 November

Please submit your full application by 30 November. You will see a final screen on your application flow that has all the information provided. You press the blue button outlined below to submit your application.

You will know when the application is complete when the button on the home page has changed from gray to blue. You will also be able to see a new landing page when you click on the button instead of accessing the application flow.

Provide additional information 

After you submit, you may be asked to provide additional information if your application seems incomplete or is missing important information. You will be notified via email, but your application button will also become yellow, and your landing page will be updated. Keep an eye out for this email, but the team will also reach out to you if this is needed.

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