Creating and Submitting Location Data for Your Project

As part of a TerraFund application, project developers must submit location data showing the specific area(s) that they intend to restore as part of their project.

Indicating the exact location of the project is a way to provide additional context and help our team understand the impact of the proposed work. There are multiple methods applicants can choose to indicate where the project will take place, detailed below.

If selected, project developers must provide more detailed geographic information, but only basic information is required at the application stage. We understand that project sites and plans are likely to change after selection. Applicants should be as accurate as possible when indicating the area(s) where they intend to work at the time of application.

There are multiple ways to add location data to this application. For most applicants, the first option of creating points using TerraMatch will be the simplest. The method chosen will not impact the score of the application. 

  • Create points representing the project location(s) using TerraMatch (Recommended)
    • When creating an application, project developers will have the option to use the TerraMatch website to create location data for the project.
      • To add points to a map showing the area(s) that the project intends to restore, zoom and scroll using the map until you reach your project area.
      • Use the “Draw a marker” icon (fourth from the top) to place a point as close as possible to the center of the proposed project area.
      • If a project intends to work in multiple locations that located far away from each other, please create a point on the map for each location that will be restored .


  • Draw a boundary representing your project location(s) using TerraMatch (Recommended)
    • If a project developer already has a well-defined area that they intend to restore, the applicant may draw a boundary around the intended project area using the TerraMatch website.
      • If you decide to draw a boundary (polygon), use the “Draw a polygon” icon (second from the top) and click on the map to draw a polygon around your proposed project area.
      • If you intend to work in multiple locations that are not near one another, you may draw multiple polygons on the map. Simply click the first point you created on your first polygon to complete it, and then you will can create another polygon.


  • Uploading a file to TerraMatch (Advanced)
    • If the applicant has already created a boundary (polygon) that accuarely represents the proposed project area by an outside GIS software, e.g., ArcGIS, the project developer can upload that existing file directly to TerraMatch.
      • The accepted file formats are a KML (with the extension .kml) or a zipped shapefile (containing the .cpg, .dbf, .prj, .shp, and .shx files).
      • We strongly recommend that you do NOT use this option unless you have already created a polygon that specifically shows the areas you intend to work in for this project.
      • Please do not upload a polygon that only shows the administrative boundary (district, county, etc.) of the area in which intend to work.

Once a project is selected for funding, the project developer must submit more precise and detailed geographic information about the area(s) that will be restored. The Article about Monitoring & Reporting Requirements for TerraFund Partners or the TerraFund Monitoring, Reporting & Verification Framework provide more information).

A team of experts is available to assist funded projects, if that support is required. If an applicant anticipates that they need assistance to provide geographic information like points or polygons, they should indicate this in the additional information section of the application. This will not affect the application's score, but it will help our team plan our capacity building based on the needs and interests of our cohort.

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