How to Apply as a Consortium of Partners

Consortium Applications:

Also known as a joint or partnered application, this is a single expression of interest for TerraFund for AFR100 that is jointly submitted by two or more partners that agree to work together on executing a proposed restoration project. Typically, this type of arrangement is formulated by partners to compliment their organizational strengths and weaknesses. Below you can fund our guidance on how to execute this effectively and communicate your consortium in your application. 
Before beginning your application, you must first identify the lead consortium partner. This partner will compile all of the documents and will serve as our primary focal point for project application conversations. Two or more eligible organizations can submit a single application, including several non-profits, several for-profit, or a non-profit and for-profit operating together. In the latter case, the non-profit organizations would receive grants for non-revenue-generating activities, and the for-profit organizations would receive loans for activities that create revenue.
Note that the organization that applies as the lead consortium partner must be able to manage at least $50,000 USD. If that organization then chooses to parcel out that funding to small organizations to conduct restoration activities, that is permissible, but the lead organization must have a positive track record of prudent fiscal stewardship. The lead organization is responsible for reporting to the TerraFund consortium.
There are two key phases where partners can add data about their consortium planting project.



    • Letters of Reference: The consortium leader will need to obtain all of the letters of reference from their regular references, as well as collect the letters of reference from each consortium partner.

    • Financial Documentation: The consortium leader will need to submit all of their own financial documentation, as well as all of the available financial documentation from their partners. We  strongly recommend that you submit all available financial documentation from all organizations, even if the organization does not have detailed documentation for all 3 years.

Expression of Interest Application

    • Organizational Description: During the course of the application, the consortium leader should fill out all of the fields based off of their own organization's history and experience, with the exception of the organizational description, where they should note that they are the consortium leader sponsoring other partners and add brief details on who these other partners are.

    • Additional Documents: As they complete the expression of interest application, the consortium leader should submit the documents noted above and submit them. Please make sure that these documents are correctly titled so we can understand that these are related to the partner(s) in the consortium and not related to the consortium leader.

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