How to Submit an Expression of Interest on TerraMatch

This article will walk you through how to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) on TerraMatch for TerraFund for AFR100 Landscapes.

If you don't have an account on TerraMatch yet, please refer to this article, which walks you through the account set-up process.

How to submit your application on TerraMatch

  1. Create Your Project Pitch 
  2. Choose Your Application Type
  3. Review Application Questions
  4. Draft + Gather Answers to Application Questions 
  5. Submit EOI on TerraMatch
    •   Video Walk Through: Steps 1-5 (coming soon!)
  6. Hear Back on May 22

Create Your Project Pitch 

Before you can begin your application you need to create a project pitch that aligns with the work that you are seeking to fund. 

You can create a project pitch by clicking "Create Pitch" in the section of the homepage featured below:

The pitch will cover basic information about your proposed project. Complete the questions to the best of your ability, as you will be able to update the information in your pitch once you start your application. 


Find Applications + Choose Your Application Type

Once your organization is approved in TerraMatch, you will have access to the TerraFund for AFR100 Landscapes applications on bottom of your homepage.

There are two different applications available to organization on TerraMatch: one for Non-Profit Organizations and one for For-Profit Organizations.

Please make sure you select the application that matches your organization type so that you answer questions that best align with your business model. If you select the wrong organization type, your application may be rejected.

Review Application Questions

Once you open the application, you can download the list of questions asked in the EOI. Some answers that you provided in the account set-up will automatically appear filled out in the application. You may update the answers as needed.

You can review all of the questions asked in the EOI application here. 

Draft + Gather Answers to Application Questions 

You are able to exit and save your application as much as you need. You will be able to see the drafts you have created on the dashboard on TerraMatch's homepage when you are logged in. It will appear as a gray tab under the applications column in the TerraMatch Dashboard.

To save the application, you can find a link titled "Save progress and close form" at the bottom of each page in the application:

Submit Your Expression of Interest on TerraMatch

Once you feel satisfied with your application, you may submit on the final screen shown below. On this screen you have the ability to download the answers you provided.


Once you submit your application, the tab on the TerraMatch dashboard will change from gray to blue, meaning that your application has been successfully submitted. Do not submit an application until it is complete, as you cannot edit your application after submission. If you need to adjust the content of a submitted application, you will need to submit a new application. If you do these, please let the TerraMatch team know by contacting 

Your organization may submit up to 3 expressions of interest, but they should use three unique project pitches and differ in restoration intervention, location, and proposed project description. Expressions of interest that are obvious duplicates will be deleted, with the most recent submission assumed to be the most accurate.

Hear Back on May 22

We will be letting all applicants know the outcome of this initial application cycle on May 22. You will be prompted with a rejected or accepted reply, and members of the TerraFund team will reach out within one week with a more detailed review of your application.

Applicants who are accepted will be prompted to return to TerraMatch to submit a full application, beginning on May 22 and lasting through June 16. Details will be released on May 22.

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